The reasons why you buy R4 3DS card.

Published: 19th March 2012
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1. R4 3DS card can function in all Nintendo consoles

R4 3DS card have really wonderful compatibility. It facilitates all earlier Nintendo console. such as 3DS, DSi, DSILL, DsiXL, DS lite. No issue your most recent 3DS V2.1.0-4 console, or DSi V1.4.3 version, the R4 3Ds card can operate DSi video games perfectly, no require any upgrade. So in the occasion you have far more than one consoles, one R4 3DS card is sufficient for you, you do not must purchase other R4 DS or R4 DSi card any more.(3DS video games cannot operate on R4 3DS card currently)

2. R4 3DS card is quick to established up

R4 3DS card consists of the excellence of R4 card. It is really quick to established up and operate. for any eco-friendly hand, specifically for any child, the complex set up procedure will possibly be bothersome. But most R4 3DS cards do not have this problem. although end users obtain the package, just go standard website,(printed about the r4 card) obtain the most recent r4i kernel and video games towards the computer, then duplicate the kernel and video games towards the root listing in the MicroSD card. All stuff are finished, end users can begin to perform games. most recent R4i kernel might be discover in standard website, as nicely as the video games might be discover in some other website, which include or is not it really simple?

3. quite a few options

There are quite a few R4 3DS cards inside the current market now. the majority of them are fantastic and with wonderful compatibility. which include R4i SDHC 3DS, R4i 3DS, R4iTT 3DS, R4i-Gold 3DS, R4i RTS, Acekard 3i, M3i Zero, Supercard DStwo, TT 3DS, R4i Gold as well as and so on. They have distinctive packages, distinctive operation interface, distinctive price, and distinctive functions. If you desire awesome high quality and effective functions, select Supercard Dstwo; in the occasion you wish to help save money, purchase TT 3DS card; in the occasion you like most favorite R4 3DS card, the R4i SDHC 3DS or R4i Gold 3DS card is optional.. No issue which you like, you can discover a ideal R4 3DS card for use.

4. R4 3DS card certainly not break Nintendo console

Many game enthusiasts is be concerned concerning the harm towards the console brought by R4 card. They believe the R4 3DS card could possibly break their 3DS firmware. however it is actually a misunderstanding. Actually, the R4 3DS card is 100% risk-free for Nintendo console. As all records of R4 card are saved the MicroSD card. you can simply delect them or structure the MicroSD card. There is no computer software fit to the 3DS console, so it is not possible to influence the Nintendo firmware. Even the R4 card is broken, it will possibly be unrecognized by Nintendo console, but certainly not carry any influence.

5. R4 3DS card help quite a few new games

R4 3DS firmware updated really fast. As Nintendo is continually update the console and launch new games, R4 3DS group also launch update patch to fix the most recent console. They continually launch new kernel to help the Nintendo new games. By their tough work, end users can perform quite a few new games.

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